How to Unlock an iCloud Locked Device Using IMEI Number in 2020

Have you ever been stuck in icloud unlock screen? Yes, iCloud activation screen appears whenever you forget icloud account password or you found a lost/stolen iPhone and the original owner has activated Find My iPhone to revoke unauthorized access to his phone and account. If you know how to unlock a locked iPhone, iPad or iWatch, it mean that you will have full access to your or someone else phone. The good news is that you can actually Unlock a Locked iPhone in the easiest way possible, even if you have zero knowledge of software and coding.

How to Unlock iPhone, iPad & iWatch

There are a number of software or websites claiming that they will unlock icloud. These apps/websites can be used on all devices and platforms. Some websites may also require you to pay some amount as unlocking service fees. Along with IMEI unlocking, our web-based app will also allow you to permanently unlock device, let you update iOS and disable find my phone with an anti-detection system. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to unlock an iPhone by IMEI number using iCloud Spider.

  1. First of all, you will be required to get the imei number of the locked device i.e.iPhone, iPad, iWatch. You can retrieve the iPhone's IMEI number by dialing the code *06#.
  2. When you know your locked device imei number, open icloudspider's web-based / online icloud unlocker tool.
  3. Now click/tap on "UNLOCK MY DEVICE" to go through imei unlocking wizard. This wizard is neccessary to initiate the icloud unlock process. You can also click on "WATCH TUTORIAL" button to watch a complete video tutorial if you're having trouble in using this iPhone unlock tool.
  4. In this wizard you will now be required to provide the imei number of the device on which icloud activation lock is to be unlocked. You will also required to choose some other features like 'Unlock iCloud' or 'Bypass iCloud' and Anti-detection. When you all done, you can click on "START UNLOCKING". Your device unlocking process will now be started in an unsuspicious manner.
  5. To check the progress of icloud unlock process, you can see the green and blue progess bars. When Green progress bar finishes, it mean your device's online unlock process has been completed and you will need to reboot your device to complete the last step.
  6. To protect owner rights, avoid mass (spam) or unauthorized (automatic bots) use and make this tool 100% free of cost, we may ask you to provide your authority of use this app by a unique verification method. Our verification method will not cost you anything except for couple of minutes for few clicks of mouse or putting your information (perferably real) in an offer.
  7. Our verification process is as simple as unlocking your device on this website. All you have to do is that when you saw a page asking for verification it will show you some offers for example: 'Win an iPhone X', 'Download an App' and more like that, just click on one of the offers and read details on the offer page. If it asking for your information, just put it (Try to use real information to quickly complete the offer. You can also put your neighbour's information on the offer page as long it is valid ;) ). If this is an app download related offer, just download and open it.

What are the benefits of using our online app for unlocking device?

No programming skills required

The greatest benefit of using our online iPhone unlocking app is that you can use it even when you do not have sufficient knowledge about coding. This web-based app is developed by the most skilled programmers and is made to be very user-friendly.

No download required

The other best things about using our online icloud unlock app is that you are not required to download anything for unlocking the devices. Once the initial process (wizard) of unlock has been completed, you can do whatever you want to do (e.g.switch to other tabs) while tracking the whole unlock process. You can use this online app on any PC/Tablet/Mobile and unlock your locked device.


All of the icloud unlocking activities that you make using the application are maintained confidentially. This is because this tool make use of dedicated proxy servers to ensure that your IP address is always hidden. With this, the risk of detection is eliminated. Furthermore, this tool is frequently updated by the developers. They keep looking for loopholes and fixing them. This ensures that the app remains entirely safe for the users at all times.

Full access to the locked device instantly

While some icloud unlock services unlocks icloud activated devices, but you have to wait for days sometimes for weeks to get access to your device completely. Sometimes this wait leads to some kind of disappointment. With iCloudSpider's IMEI Unlocker app you will have full access to your locked device instantly without having to wait for days or weeks.

No malware

Some of the icloud unlock software are downloadable while others can be used online. The benefit of using an online app is that even as you start using online apps, you will be safe from the risk of malicious bugs and malware entering your system.

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